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Zirconia Crowns in Turkey

Dent Smile İzmir provide “Premium Dental Crowns Treatments Plan” for the patients. Please contact us for more information about Zirconia Crowns in Turkey, Cost and other questions.

What is Zirconia Crown Turkey?

Zirconia crown (also as known as zirconium crown) is a white composite used instead of a gray metal which is a substructure of regular porcelain bridges and prostheses.

Zirconia Crowns area very popular material as known for it’s superiority because of its’ toughness,durability,strength, and fatigue resistance, in addition to excellent wear properties and biocompatibility making it an ideal option compared to the rest of the dental crowns.

Not only are they incredibly strong and long-lasting, but they are made to mimic the
look and feel of natural teeth when placed in the mouth and help to even out and fill in your smile.

Dent Smile İzmir – Advantages of Zirconia Crowns

One of many of zirconia crowns advantages are that they are made of strong, durable material, it
can be easily modified, reshaped, and recolored. Just think about how much force your back teeth
apply on the food that you chew. Zirconia crown is a good choice since it is very sturdy and strong.
Also, Zirconia is the go to option for the dentists because of its biocompatibility, which means it’s
less likely to aggravate the body into producing a reaction or immunological response like
inflammation. They are highly biocompatible not containing metal which avoids darkening around
the gingival area, and are convenient for patients who may have metal allergies as well.

Despite having all of these many benefits, a potential disadvantage may be its opaque display, which
can make it look less than usual. This is especially true for monolithic zirconia crowns, which are
made just from zirconia, although it may be less of an issue for teeth in the back of your mouth.
Also, some dentists have been doubtful to use zirconia crowns in some situations for the reason that
zirconia’s hardness could cause wear and tear on opposing teeth.

Zirconium Crown Price in Turkey?

As Dent Smile İzmir we offer you the best quality Zirconium Crowns in Turkey. Our 1 crown starting price is €220 please contact our professional team for your custom price offer include hotel bookings, VIP transfers and others.

Dental Travel in Turkey – İzmir

Finally, if you decide to get your teeth done in Turkey, you whilst having gorgeous teeth you can
enjoy a delightful holiday. Turkey has great sightseeing options especially in İzmir such as Ephesus,
Clocktower which can give you a historical and cultural experience. Also, it has many gorgeous
beaches that you can go on for and relax while enjoying the view.Turkey’s beauty, especially natural
beauty is groundbreaking and you would be grateful you exist in this world after just one visit.

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